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Marina City Club Owners’ Site

Not associated with the official MCC Board

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 Welcome to the Marina City Club’s Owners Group Site

The purpose of the MCC Owners Group is to provide a place to discuss topics of importance to the owners, and to hear many points of view.

This we hope to accomplish through meetings,  and this website.  We want to:

  • Seek and obtain clarity on what we believe on topics of importance to us, reflecting both consensus and disparate points of view.
  • Communicate with the COA Board in an effective and efficient manner on the things we believe and to help the board and committees communicate with us.
  • Help to strengthen a sense of community here.

  • Thanks to Maureen Hunt another resource is provided via Facebook. This link may require you to log in or join, or possibly to create a Facebook account. This is a good place to see what is currently happening around our Club and the local Marina Community.
  • And thanks to Tatum Kassel there is an Instagram account (search for @marinacityclub) where you can view  and possibly post recent pictures.  See Instructions.
  • This site is being changed very frequently; see Latest Posts and Recent Comment links above.  If you have visited a page recently in the past, it may look different if you refresh the page. The overall tone and appearance will reflect the wishes of you and others. Issues using the website or suggestions for improvement should be directed to MCC-webmaster.  For immediate problems call Fred Krogh at 424-425-6885.

Because of an uncertain future, Fred is hoping to train someone who will take his place in the Owners’ Group. This will include managing this website and sending the emails. Neither is very time expensive.  Send email to Fred