Owners’ Group Meeting Dec. 7, 2023
                             WHAT THE OWNERS ARE TALKING ABOUT
The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm, and ended at 8:15 with 33 connections.
Some of them were couples so participation was higher.
1. Ground Rent: People are curious about the ground rent agreement. It was
explained that for the last two years, there was no ground rent increase, and that, plus
2024’s ground rent increase, makes up the 11% we will be paying for ground rent next
year. After that, our ground rent will increase by 3.25% annually.
2. Retrofit: It was explained that the County listened to our concerns/complaints
about the planned earthquake retrofit ordinance and changed some of the
requirements. One example: We asked that the 10 year deadline for completion of
repairs be changed to match the city’s deadline of 20 years, and the county complied.
3. Restaurant issues: Is there some reason that we don’t see something more
current than the June 2023 financial.? People would like to know.
It seems everyone knows that we need to have banquets. People would like updates on
what is planned to make this happen. Until banquets are resumed, why not have the
restaurant open on Saturday nights?
4. Homeless Problems: Sheldon Fisher agreed to be the coordinator of an Owners’
Group task force of volunteer residents who will monitor problems of encroaching
homeless encampments and graffiti, like the huge markings on the FantaSea Building
next door. The problems will be reported to the proper authorities (or Essex if
applicable) and followed up until corrected. Sandy Abouaf, Tina Oswald, and Betsy
Starman have volunteered to help.
5. Issues on keeping MCC looking good: It is felt that whoever is walking the
property looking for things that need work may not have the time to a thorough job, and
they miss many simple fixes that could keep our property from looking like what was
described as a “third world slum”. Since we have a beautification committee, why don’t
these volunteers do the job and give management a weekly report (or even monthly if
weekly is too often)? A few examples: Fencing around Jacuzzi is rusty and cracking,
trim around some of the elevators is coming off, baseboard trim in some laundry rooms
is coming off, lobby doors to the elevators propped open with wadded paper, elevator
mirror has been cracked forever. Sandy Abouaf would be happy to take on this job.
6. Election Issues: As usual we encouraged people to keep an eye out for anyone
who might be willing to run for the board. Perhaps more could be done by PMP
and the board to help here. Might election reminders be included with bills that are
sent to people. Could there be some email blasts to remind people of the need for
candidates, and the importance of voting. Could the Newsletter do more in this
7. Tennis: We know that the board is looking for a racquet sports director. Perhapsthe board could do more to let people know how this is progressing. After the meeting,
Donna received information from a board member that contract negotiation are
underway for a racquet sports director and pros. Donna has notified the owner who
asked that question.
8. Other Questions: Concerning the car wash we explained that the ball is in the
County Public Works Department’s court. We are waiting for PWD to release the permit
any day now. Sky Market (it appears that Essex has to clear up some legal issues
before anything will happen with that space). We explained that when the County or
Essex is in charge of an issue or a meeting, our Board is not the decision maker. Our
Directors and management give us information as soon as it is received and appropriate
to release it.
9. Signage: People new to the complex wander about completely lost. In some cases
the delivery people are depending on residents and renters of offices to help them.
Although signage is much better than the past, perhaps more could be done. Perhaps a
a map could be given to them upon entering the gate.
10. Legal fees: People would appreciate being informed about what is
happening with what our legal team is doing and the cost associated with various
cases. Jennie announced at a Board meeting that a litigation report is available to
anyone who asks for it.
10. Parking: This issue keeps coming up and we reported it with possible solutions
last month. We know that part of the problem is CCS and Essex is dealing with it, but
owners and other employees are also parking vehicles in visitor’s spots and it is a
problem that needs to be addressed. Non-resident members are getting very frustrated
with this situation. Last month we suggested that window decals be issued to all
residents and workers to distinguish who is parking where. For example, blue for
residents, Red for workers (all of whom should be parking on the bottom level), Green
for nonresident members and regular passes for guests to put on the dashboard.
For the Owners’ Group
Donna Bryce and Fred Krogh