What should I do if I have a complaint or issue about something at the Marina City Club?

Issues can be addressed by filling out the form at https://www.marinacityclub.net/group/pages/board-correspondence.  These issues go to [email protected].  You can also email to [email protected] and ask for ask to file an incident report for your issue so you can follow up on it.  If it concerns an incident on the property be sure to include the exact time and place that it occurred.

For more information about dealing with complaints see https://mcc-owners.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/owners_help.pdf

What can I do if I have trouble logging into https://www.marinacityclub.net, https://connect.pmpmanage.com, or https//www.myiclubonline.com/iclub/members?

Contact Tatiana, email or call at 310-578-4936.  These are the primary sites for interacting with official content: https://www.marinacityclub.net, https://connect.pmpmanage.com, and https://www.myiclubonline.com/iclub/members/signin.



How do I access MCC amenities and financial information?

Links for:Pool Reservations, Tennis, Fitness

Financial Information  Note that here you can find: Essex Financial Statements, Essex Year End Reconcilliation, MCC Restaurant Financial Statements, COA Financial Statements, COA Treasurer Reports, Annual Budge Reports, and Annual Audit Reports.

What are the connections between MCC, Essex and the County?

The FAQ at the MCC site, does an excellant job of explaining this and more.

What are some of our governing documents?
What is some of the interesting background of the MCC?
Why am I not getting desired emails?

The best guess is that your emails are ending up in you spam folder.  Try looking there first.  The instructions here are for the email from [email protected], but it also applies for [email protected] or anything from pmpmanage.com.
Instructions here are for gmail, but your email provider probably has a similar feature. If you would like more help, call Fred at 818-352-3244, with this page open in your browser and the window you use for email also open.
a. Go to you gmail account.
b. Click on settings (put your mouse over icons near the top of the gmail page until finding settings)
c. Click on “See all settings” near the top.
d. Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”
e. Click on “Create a new filter” Near the bottom.
f. Click on “From” and then copy and paste into this box: [email protected]
g. Click on “Create filter” Just to the left of a blue Search button.
h. Click on “Never send it to Spam”, and on anything else you want.
i. Clock on “Create filter” near the bottom, and you are DONE!

What is the difference between a post and a comment?

A post is content that can only be placed on the website by certain approved individuals.  Anybody can make comments or respond to them.

What are the origins of this website?

Prior to the redesign by Kyle Lerner, this website was started by Fred Krogh, and the final contents of the old site can be seen here.

What is the story behind all the negative emails?

See the Sept./Oct. 2021 Newsletter for some background on this.  There is one person who is raising a ruckus, with so much questionable material that it is difficult to know what one should believe.

What are the details on the ground rent deal?